Hi, I'm Siobhan! New York based Wedding Photographer serving the NYC area and beyond. I was an interior designer, working for an architecture firm making $50k a year, and doing photography on the weekends for extra money. After transitioning to full-time professional photography in 2019, I have grown my business to multi six figures, and have been featured in People, Bridal Guide, Westchester Magazine, and many more. Through all of this, I have gained a wealth of experience, including handling weddings with budgets ranging from $20k to $400k. This allows me to offer invaluable insights into catering to diverse clientele. Additionally, my experience photographing weddings across the United States has provided exposure to various settings and enhanced my versatility as a photographer. I am excited that 2024 will be my 8th wedding season! 

With my years of experience in the photography industry, from novice to seasoned professional, I want to provide you with the wisdom, knowledge, and lessons I have learned to help you avoid costly mistakes and maximize profit margins. Whether you want to grow a wedding photography business, enhance your photography skills, or learn to better manage your business or clients, I am here to support you and help guide you.

Here you will find mentorship opportunities, as well as digital education. Want to get into shooting weddings? Check out my Ultimate Blueprint to Successfully Second Shoot Weddings below!

Let's Level Up Your Business

Mentorship Opportunities

As you evaluate your mentorship needs, I offer two different options listed below. These mentorship sessions are a-la-carte and will be tailored to your area of growth. Each session includes: a questionnaire before the session for you to give me more information, the
one-on-one session itself, a follow up email afterwards to support our call.

Option 1: One hour one-on-one session ($350)
Option 2: Two hour one-on-one session ($600) 

All sessions are via Zoom

Payments can be made via credit card or Zelle

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Ask me About

Elevate your           with an Exclusive Mentorship


Client Experience
General Wedding Day Questions
Creating a Wedding Timeline
Questionnaires + Guides for Wedding Clients
Delivering Galleries
Organizing Your Business
Using Flash & Lighting
Building a Portfolio
Creating & Selling Wedding Albums
Second Shooting
Editing (Lightroom, Photoshop)
Saving for Retirement as a Creative
And so much more!
Topics are based on your needs

If you're just starting your photography career or looking to elevate your skills, I want to provide personalized one-on-one guidance to help you succeed in the competitive photography world. During your session, I am an open book and am happy to review anything photography related, whether on the creative or business side. Below is a list of topics that you may be interested in digging deeper on. 

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"I have always absolutely loved Siobhan's work. While I have been in business for several years, I always feel like there are things that we can approve upon in our work. I specifically was needing some help with reception direct flash usage. I've truly loved Siobhan's reception work, and I knew she was the one to call when I wanted to learn more! Siobhan was prompt with meeting with me, and she fully explained everything I needed to know from start to finish. She did an on zoom demo with her own equipment, and she made sure I had mine with me too to try it out. As we were going through, Siobhan made sure that I understood and didn't have any questions. She was super easy to understand and very knowledgeable. I could talk with her for hours! After the call, Siobhan sent a follow up email with helpful links and a few notes that would set me up for success moving forward. Not only will you love Siobhan as a person, since she is the friendliest face and nicest person, but you will also love learning from her. I 100% recommend hiring Siobhan for your mentoring needs - upleveling your business and hiring a mentor is the best investment you can make in yourself, and Siobhan is your girl!"

Stephanie Berenson Photography

 "She fully explained everything I needed to know from start to finish"


The Ultimate Blueprint to Successfully Second Shooting Weddings

Coming Soon


SSP is always looking for talented people to join the team!

If you are a photographer looking for second shooting opportunities, or are newer to the industry and photographing, and would like experience assisting, please fill out the information below. While I may not have opportunities immediately available, I am consistently looking for great people to have by my side at future weddings! As Siobhan Stanton Photography is a boutique photography company, all positions would work directly with Siobhan.

Most weddings are in the NY/NJ/CT Tri-State area and are 8-10 hours of shooting. It is required that you have your own equipment if you are applying to second shoot. Mirrorless cameras are required. 

your name

your email address

Position you are interested in? Tell me what you're looking for.

Where are you based out of?

Are you able to work weekends?

Tell me about the tasks you love to do and tasks you dont love to do

what equipment do you Have/use?

Shooting & Assisting positions are as needed. Does this work for you? 

What is your experience in the wedding industry? If you don't have experience in the industry, why are you interested in weddings?

please provide a link to a gallery and explain what role you played in this gallery.

Is there anything else you want me to know?


The ideal Second Photographer...

Is organized and Punctual

Can work within a time frame

Is personable and can clearly communicate with others

Has the desire to learn and improve their skill

Has an open mind 

Enjoys serving others and making others happy
Knows how to read a room and adjust accordingly

Takes Direction well

Has their own transportation

Understands and can create good composition in their images

Is Generally comfortable posing People and giving direction

is based in the tri-state area

Has photographed at least 30 weddings

Interested? Please fill out the information below

Do you have your own transportation for weddings?

your Instagram

if you have a set shooting rate, please list it below. 

Thank you for submitting your application. I will be in touch as soon as possible!