7 Ways to Display Your Wedding Photos

Once you receive your wedding gallery, you may have a difficult time deciding which wedding photos to display. You might even struggle deciding on how to even display them around your apartment or house.

For this blog, I wanted to take a pause from my usual posting of engagements and weddings galleries to share with you ways you can display your images. Because, let’s be honest, if you don’t have an idea in mind those images may forever live on an online gallery link and neither of us want that!

7 Ways to Display Your Wedding Photos

One: Traditional Frames

The tried and true way of displaying those wedding images that just make you smile every time you see them. Often times, I think, people overthink picture frames. If there’s an image in your gallery that you love, print the 4×6 or 5×7 and put it on your night stand or on your end table next to your couch. Picture frames don’t have to even match your home decor. They are ways to help infuse personality into your home. So print that picture of you and your spouse, put in your favorite picture frame, and place it where you get to see it every day. If you are one of my clients, you can print directly from your gallery from convenience. If you are not one of my clients, a online print lab I recommend is Mpix.

Two: Canvases

Photo canvases seem to be popular lately. They are lightweight which makes them easy to hang, or lean come in many different sizes, and give a clean look. The image can wrap around the side or you can have the sides be a solid color, depending on what look you are going for. You can order canvases directly from your online gallery!

Three: Photo Wall Collage

With either frames or canvases, create a photo collage. Photo collages are perfect if you have a wall in your home such as a wall at the end of a hallway or when walking up a staircase that needs a little extra something. Again, this is something that sometimes people overthink or fear they may not assemble the collage correctly. But, don’t let that stop you. Pinterest has endless template ideas on ways you can arrange your photo collage. You can have the images be all color, or all black and white.

Four: Wedding Album

I may be bias, but wedding albums are my favorite way to display your weddings photos. There are several reasons for this, but the main reason being you’re able to display more images in an album and tell the story of your day. An album can easily live on your coffee table so you can show off your wedding day to family and friends when they visit, flip through it and relive the wedding on your anniversaries, or show your kids or grandkids in the future. My grandparents who were married for over 60 years always had their album out on display and I would love looking through the old black and white images. Now, the albums I provide are much more updated and modern, so they wont look like your parents or grandparents albums, but with that they are also much more durable.

In fact, I love wedding albums so much that I do include them as options in my wedding photography packages.

Five: Shadow Box Frame

When done right, a shadow box can be very eloquently put together. I know when brides want to preserve their bouquets some will incorporate a few of their flowers around a favorite image from their gallery. I have also seen a shadow box incorporate your wedding inviations.

Six: Display Your Favorite B&W Images

Oh, how I’m a sucker for a classic black and white wedding image. You’ll find if you’ve ever had a photo session with me, that I like to include a variety of black and white images. There’s just something timeless and breathtaking about them. With that being said, black and white images give a clean and crisp look to any home. They elevate a space without a high cost.

Seven: A Calendar

A very unique way to display your wedding images, but if you’re a calendar on the fridge or in your office type person, creating a custom calendar may be the perfect way to display those wedding pictures of you and your family. For example, if you’re parents wedding anniversary is in the month of October, make the main picture on that month a wedding picture of you and your spouse with them. If your brother-in-law’s birthday is in May, make the main picture for that month a picture of you and your spouse with your brother-in-law.

While I know there are many more ways your could display your wedding photos, these are just a handful of ways to do so.

The most important thing to takeaway from this blog is to simply display your wedding photos (or engagement photos!). With all the planning and money spent, you don’t want the images of a day you’ll never forget to just sit in an online gallery.


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