5 Things to Consider Before Booking Your Wedding Photographer

Choosing a wedding photographer is probably one of the most difficult decisions to make for your wedding day. As we all know, photographs are what will help you relive your day over and over again. Booking the right photographer can truly make or break your wedding day. (No pressure!)

While there are many factors for you to consider when looking to secure your photographer, I wanted to share my top five things to consider prior to signing a contract.

5 Things to Consider Before Booking Your Wedding Photographer

One: Do your personalities mesh?

A rule of thumb that I like couples to consider is if you can only talk about wedding details with your photographer, then they probably aren’t the right fit for you. However, if you can have a good conversation that flows alongside all the wedding talk, then you probably have found your wedding photographer perfect match.

The reason it’s important for your personalities to mesh well is because outside of your significant other, you’re going to be with your wedding photographer the most. So, naturally, you’ll want to actually like your photographer.

To give you a glimpse into my personality, I am more outgoing and direct. I do well with couples that are similar. I do tend to have a harder time posing couples that are very quiet and shy because I feel as if I can’t read them. This makes showcasing their personalities through pictures difficult for me. I love a bride that isn’t afraid to be center of attention!

Two: What photography style are you drawn to?

When you’re scrolling through Instagram, trying to figure out which photographers you want to reach out to about your wedding day, is there a common style that you’re drawn to? Do you find the images you like are more light and airy or are they more bold with darker coloring? Are you drawn to more formal posing pictures or free-spirited candid images? You’ll want to try to narrow in on what it is that you like most about wedding photography to find your wedding photographer. Because, of course, we don’t all shoot the same.

For me, my style is on the brighter side of photography, capturing candid and wow moments. I like to keep my photography authentic to the moments happening. And, I absolutely love a modern look with a small dose vintage details to compliment them, such as a vintage car.

Three: Have you seen a full gallery from them?

It’s okay to ask the photographers you’re considering to see a full wedding gallery. Instagram and other social platforms are only going to highlight what photographers want you to see (or what Instagram wants us to post for the algorithm). By asking to see a gallery or two, you’ll be able to hone in on what photographer you feel will capture your wedding day the best from start to finish. You can also read this blog that dives more into this point.

Four: Have they worked with your videographer before?

Unfortunately, not all photographers and videographers work well with one another. There are many reasons for this, but one is often it is just creative differences. If you already have your videographer secured ask them what photographers they recommend. And, of course, while looking at photographers, ask them which videographers they prefer to work with. Not only will this guarantee two important vendors at your wedding get along with one another, but it may help you narrow down your list of potential photographers.

Five: What is their workflow and communication like?

If your a Type A personality, you may seek a photographer who has a very clear communication and workflow system. If you’re more Type B, this may not be an important factor for you. However, no matter if you’re more of a to-do list couple or it’ll all turn out great couple, you’ll want to ask what to expect during the photography planning process.

For example, does your photographer provide you a styling guide, a checklist of photos, a timeline of photos, etc. And, if they do, when can you expect these things? How do you go about scheduled your engagement session, your bridal session, and so on.

Again, there are other factors that play a role in booking your wedding photographer. However, these five will help you move in the right direction.

And, if you still haven’t found your perfect match photographer, I would be honored to be considered. You can click here to learn more about my wedding packages.


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