Why You Should Take Night Portraits on Your Wedding Day

Over the span of my photography career, there is one particular thing I have grown to love and it’s taking couple night portraits. Don’t get these confused with golden hour portraits – which are great, too! – but night portraits are in a league of their own.

There’s something so special and valuable about them. It allows for contrast from the rest of your gallery. It only takes 15-20 minutes before your grand exit and I’ve never had a couple regret making the time for them. But, if you need some convincing here are five reasons why you need to take night portriaits.

1. Outfit Change 

If you are changing outfits, it’s important (and totally necessary, in my opinion) to capture your wardrobe change.

2. Provides Unique Photos 

Night portraits typically are a completely different vibe then your formal pictures taken during the day. Typically, they are taken in the last hour of your reception. By now, you are relaxed and still riding your adrenaline high. You’re on cloud nine and overall just so excited about everything that has happened so far on your wedding day. These pictures are meant to be fun, less formal, and capture the more playful side of you and your spouse!

Night Portraits | Siobhan Stanton Photography

3. Creates Variety

There are different ways your photographer can do night portraits. There are two popular ways to photograph night portraits. One way is with natural light providing a softer feel. The second way is with direct flash which is a little more dramatic and bold, giving sharp images. I personally make this decision based on the atmosphere of the venue (how the ambient lighting is there) as well as the vibe of the couple. If I have a couple who is very bold, loves being the center of attention, and wants more of that magazine glam look, I will go straight for direct flash. If the venue has a lot of ambient lighting, or there is a city skyline background, I might use a little LED light to light the couple, but in general I’m using natural light. Sometimes I’ll even do both if it calls for it! 

4. Champagne!!

This point doesn’t call for a long explanation. I mean, why not celebrate how great of a day it’s been with a little champagne pop?

5. Time Alone

You might come to realize that a lot of your wedding day isn’t spent being together just the two of you. You’re going to be pulled in many directions by family and friends wanting photos together. You’re going to feel obligated to try and mix and mingle with all the guests who came to show their support for you, too. By taking another moment to be together just the two of you on your wedding day is something you’ll remember. Plus, you may find that you enjoy getting away from the noise of the DJ or band for a brief moment, too. Time can slow down for a bit and you can just truly let have another moment in a busy day to let things soak in.

Taking the time for night portraits is something that doesn’t take a lot of time and is extremely valuable.

If you can’t tell, I highly recommend that every couple incorporates them into their day. 


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