A Long Beach Engagement Session With A Twist

Long Beach engagement session, Jetty Bar & Grill, Long Beach, New York sunset

Every love story has a unique beginning—a moment where everything changes. For Dianna and Sean, that moment unfolded at Jetty Bar & Grill in Long Beach, New York—an unexpected start to their relationship.

As a New York City wedding and engagement photographer, my goal was simple: to capture Dianna and Sean’s love authentically. This session pays tribute to their fortuitous beginning while capturing the excitement of their future together.

A Long Beach Engagement Session and Jetty Bar & Grill

In planning and photographing engagement sessions, my focus is always on reflecting the couples’ true selves and their stories. For Dianna and Sean, returning to the place where it all began held special significance. 

Their love story began with a chance encounter at Jetty, a bar tucked away in Long Beach, New York. Despite being regulars, it took a stroke of luck for them to finally notice each other. Fast forward five years, and they’re nearly inseparable. They spending almost every moment together while both working from home. Sean’s gym sessions being one of the only exceptions.

Long Beach Island Sunset Engagement Portraits

For their Long Beach engagement session, we aimed to honor the place where it all started. The sunset that evening was nothing short of spectacular. With the beach nearly deserted, we had the perfect backdrop as the sun painted the sky in warm hues of gold and pink.

These sunset beach portraits was the vibe they envision for their upcoming wedding at The Mansion at Oyster Bay in Woodbury, New York—warm, romantic, and in tune with their laid-back, easygoing personalities.

Upcoming Wedding at The Mansion at Oyster Bay

As their September wedding approaches, I eagerly anticipate seeing them surrounded by loved ones, celebrating their unique journey from that serendipitous encounter at Jetty to exchanging vows and embarking on a lifetime of love and happiness.

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