An Italian-Inspired New York Pizzeria Engagement Session

There are moments in life that feel like scenes from a movie, where everything aligns perfectly. Victoria and Adrian’s Italian-inspired engagement session was one of those moments. From the lush Untermyer Gardens in Yonkers, New York to the cozy charm of a local New York pizzeria, their session beautifully captured their love story and the journey ahead.

A Love Story 11 Years in the Making

Adrian chose the perfect day to propose to Victoria—the same day he had asked her to be his girlfriend 11 years prior. “I thought it was only right to ask you to marry me the same day,” he told her. Their long awaited wedding will be held on the Amalfi Coast in 2025. The Italian destination wedding was the inspiration for their classy, fun engagement session. 

The Perfect Locations: Untermyer Gardens and A & V Pizzeria

We began our session at Untermyer Gardens, a romantic, historical garden with stunning landscapes and elegant structures. Victoria wore a formal chic dress from Selfie Leslie, perfectly complementing the classic and timeless surroundings. The garden’s vibrant array of plants and striking architecture provided a picturesque backdrop.

After a picture-perfect session in the gardens, we made our way to A & V Pizzeria. Just a short drive away, this charming New York pizzeria perfectly embodied the Italian-inspired vibe Victoria envisioned. With its cozy and intimate atmosphere and incredible pizza, it offered the ideal setting for the second half of our shoot.

A Tale of Two Looks

Victoria’s outfit change from a formal chic dress to a short, fun dress marked a perfect transition from classic and chic to editorial and playful. At the pizzeria, we opted for direct flash photography to create an iconic date-night feel that contrasted beautifully with the romantic images from the gardens. The combination of Victoria’s lively dress and the energetic atmosphere of the pizzeria brought a joyful vibe to the photos.

Capturing the Journey Ahead

One of the highlights of our session was incorporating Victoria and Adrian’s passport books into the shoot. With their wedding planned on the Amalfi Coast, these images will be a perfect prelude to their destination wedding, especially for their save-the-dates. The passports symbolized not only their future adventures but also the journey they’ve already embarked on together.

Photographing Victoria and Adrian’s Italian-inspired engagement session was an honor. From the elegance of Untermyer Gardens to the intimate atmosphere of a New York pizzeria, every moment was perfect.

If you’re are looking to capture your love story in a natural, romantic way, let’s connect! I’m here to make your vision come to life.


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